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kabini trip details – after finishing prema bday temple visit came home 1115 am, ready, gave key to rb, as we got out at 1140 am, automatic key got stuck inside house (we got locked out). so we wll hv to break door when we return. with that mood, left at 1150 am from home, reach npsinr at 12 filling diesel on way – full tank 4.1k and left back wheel only 8 pressure – so puncture ? anyway… shobhita whitie. thru esi to command hosp to bhelpuri lifestyle place – canara bank – bgs hospital bridge – showed them veggie market – gala stone world and then anand bhavan bus stand – pesit on left where one needs to take nice road – but we went straight – satellite bus stand kengeri – then bidadi thatte idli – wonderla is closed ? said children – stuff toys seen – raamanagara – the collector office – channapatna very few toy shops – janapada loka – then gold temple on right – maddur tiffins – lot of road work happening here – such wide roads which cud allow 130 kmph but also diversions – entering mandya to swamiji gangadaraswamy entry – each town is “city of toys”, “rice bowl, sugar etc. next srirangapatnam – last bit is young island resort – then columbia asia signal – keep go strt into mysore town – mosque then right into near zoo – hotels – take right at dead end after mysore palace ground mosque – mysore palace – then to ring rd junction – see chamundi hills on right –   

60 rupees white cheese cake at amma pastry, then 10 rs samosa which was old. arun cad 9 rupees per page of colour printout both sides – got 60 for kgp and 60 for arihant. hayath my friend good boy did double count. earlier arun had given at 5.5, banner anyway is 300 or 480 reduced to 450. 3 lines and red border – 3 by 4 or 3 by 3. also took 300 for self ink elakshya stamp which i needed for vodafone priyanka family plan. 999 plus one more number – 20th billing date every month. 2k for laptop repair some ic power chip gone. 

jaynti kanani, sandeep nailwal and anurag arjun co-founded polygon (formerly matic), a blockchain scalability platform in 2017. it was created to solve the problem of high fees and slow transactions on ethereum, the world�s second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. polygon rests on ethereum, but allows users to build applications on polygon at a far lower cost than ethereum. the valuation of polygon�s native token, matic, has zoomed from a mere $26 million when it was first issued in 2019 to over $14 billion. the rise in matic�s price has turned its co-founders into billionaires, part of it stemming from their current stakes in the cryptocurrency at around 4-5%. billionaire investor mark cuban of shark tank fame, who is also the owner of the national basketball association’s (nba) dallas mavericks, recently invested an undisclosed sum into polygon. data in the crypto world is difficult to verify and there might be other indians who have generated significant wealth who are not publicly known. mint spoke with nailwal�whose crypto fund for covid-19 relief has so far raised over $1 billion�on the company�s origin and the path ahead. edited excerpts: can you give us some background on yourself and your co-founders? more from this sectionsee all get my parking has already digitised over 3000 parking lots across the us, europe, and india get my parking raises $6 million from ivycap and ian fund the government, which holds a 52.98% stake in bpcl, is in the process of divesting its holdings, as part of its plan to raise a record ?1.75 trillion from disinvestment proceeds in fy22. bpcl privatization likely to be completed by march 2022 the current 2021 festival is being presented by instagram, in partnership with talent management agency representatives and supported by all major indian music labels. instagram to host live music festival to raise funds fo …. the stock hit a intraday high of ?2,095. at 2pm, ril was up 5.7% at ?2,091 on the bse. reliance industries’ stock surges about 6% amid expecta …. i am from delhi originally. my co-founders are from mumbai and ahmedabad and our head office is in bengaluru. i studied engineering and computer science. after that i worked for two years as a software engineer. then i did my mba, specializing in information technology and then worked with deloitte and then wellspun e-commerce (where i was the cto). i then launched a website for white-collar services, think of it like a flipkart for services. the business did not scale as much as i wanted, and i started reading about artificial intelligence and technologies such as blockchain. i went back to programming and met my co-founders. kanani is also a computer science engineer, and he was working with housing.com as a data scientist. he later tried to build a few apps such as a prediction market for game of thrones where he wanted a global payment method. this is what brought him into blockchain. arjun is also a serial entrepreneur. he was working with iris, a software used by institutions such as central banks. arjun launched a gst-related startup before meeting us. mihailo bjelic, our fourth co-founder, who is of serbian origin, was working on a similar solution as matic. he joined us last year as we rebranded from matic to polygon.  is the maharashtra government exploring the polygon blockchain for maintaining covid test results? they are not formally working with us, but there are a few vendors who are working with the maharashtra government who are using polygon. i think the government might have shared a mandate about having test results on a public blockchain and this might be a test project. nobody needs our permission or needs to collaborate with us to build something on polygon. for example, the shipping documents of the egyptian government are posted on the polygon blockchain only by another vendor.  how did polygon come into being? my co-founders and i came up with the proof of concept in 2017. by april 2018, we set up the company and raised some small funds from friends and family and started building the product. that round was just $150,000. after that, we did another small round of around $500,000. after that, we did an initial exchange offering with binance, where we raised $5 million. in the initial few years, i started building the ecosystem in india. the whole environment around cryptocurrency was unfavourable. developers were afraid of legal hassles. you see, we are a tech platform, and we don�t build apps ourselves. people build apps on top of our platform. community building is thus very important. we did a lot of hackathons in india�in the last 2 years, we must have done 200-300 hackathons in colleges and other places. we use india as a strength rather than a weakness.  is polygon more environment-friendly than bitcoin? similar stories yes bank explores bid for citi�s retail assets in india yes bank explores bid for citi�s retail assets in india bitcoin plunges 17% after elon musk tweets on tesla not accepting cryptocurrency bitcoin plunges 17% after elon musk tweets on tesla not… mystery us firm offers to ‘invest’ $500 bn to make india ‘covid free’, seeks pm modi’s appointment mystery us firm offers to ‘invest’ $500 bn to make indi… hsbc india pledges $10 million to support india’s covid battle hsbc india pledges $10 million to support india’s covid… in proof of work, which is used by bitcoin, computers have to solve complex mathematical problems. in bitcoin, you cannot be a miner on your laptop, you need huge complex computers, and this is environment-unfriendly due to electricity consumption. in proof of stake, which polygon uses, you do not need massive computing power. you have to stake tokens. only a few hundred machines need to run for mining here, making electricity consumption a small fraction of the usage by bitcoin.  is there a risk of someone taking over the polygon network? in proof of work, if someone wants to take over the network, they need to have more than 51% mining power, although this is not decisive. the other 49% can reject the false blocks and fork into a new chain. in proof of stake, you need to have an even higher 66% mining power�this would be currently worth around $1.8 billion tokens for polygon. even here the community will reject the false blocks and the person attempting the takeover will risk the worth of his or her tokens�they will lose value in such a scenario. these in-built safeguards are essentially socio-economic incentives that manage decentralized networks.  how will polygon�s integration with mark cuban�s lazy.com work? lazy.com is a non-fungible token (nft) platform. they work on ethereum, which is really costly. right now, the minimum size of the nft needs to be something like $500 to afford $50 in gas fees. but on polygon, gas fees will be a fraction of a cent which allows you to sell lower-priced nfts.  what is the road ahead for you? we are not really in need of money. our investments going forward will be strategic in nature where the individuals coming onboard will bring larger value than just money. we are us-listed and regulated with our listing on coinbase, and this brings institutional investors to polygon. mark cuban is a huge angel investor, and we are getting his help to onboard entities such as lazy.com.  google chief sundar pichai on tuesday offered a sneak peek into project starline, an experiment underway at the mountain view, california based technology giant that seeks to bring a new dimension to video conferencing. the futuristic project proposes to deliver virtual chat booths which allow users to convert themselves into 3d hologram versions.  �several years ago, we kicked off a project called project starline to use technology to explore what�s possible. using high-resolution cameras and custom-built depth sensors, it captures your shape and appearance from multiple perspectives, and then fuses them together to create an extremely detailed, real-time 3d model,� pichai said in his keynote to kick off the 2021 google i/o developer conference.  the conference returns this year in a virtual format after being cancelled last year on account of the pandemic.  pichai said the company will share more on project starline in the months ahead. �we�ve spent thousands of hours testing it at our own offices, and the results are promising,� he said. it also plans to test the technology with enterprise partners, including those in the healthcare and media sectors, he added.  project starline uses significant hardware, including cameras, sensors and microphones. �project starline is currently available in just a few of our offices and it relies on custom-built hardware and highly specialized equipment. we believe this is where person-to-person communication technology can and should go, and in time, our goal is to make this technology more affordable and accessible,� the company said in a separate blog post.  aside from holograms, the flagship developer conference came packed with a slew of announcements across the google spectrum of products. the company claimed that its active android users have now touched 3 billion, as opposed to rival apple which claims a billion mobile users.  sneak peek into android 12 google just released a beta version of android 12 which most pixel users (and partner devices such as asus, oneplus etc) can install and try out. some of the new features includes better notifications, changing color palettes, along with more controls for privacy and easier connectivity between chromebooks and android tvs.  some of the privacy controls includes more information on how cookies are utilized, how apps export data and for what services and activities that are being utilized.  if you do decide to install android 12, a word of caution, to return to android 11 you will be required to factory reset your device, which means in all probability a chance for data loss. the update is expected to be released to the public in the august-september period.  advanced ai based search with more information accountability amid rising cases of misinformation, the keynote at the developer�s conference revealed that for every google result, a new feature titled �about this result� will appear under a website. this will include information about the website, how other relevant sites describe it and also a link to the wikipedia page, in an attempt to ensure that users can take an informed decision about the content that they read.  the company decided to have this feature after it noticed a spike for search terms that begin with �is it true that…�.  in terms of the search itself, google unveiled a new search model called as the multitask unified model (mum), which can handle complex queries. mum will be able to generate and understand language and has been trained in over 75 different languages. the model will also be able to understand information across text and images, with google saying that these will gradually move towards video and audio.  �we�ve already started internal pilots with mum and are excited about its potential for improving google products,� google said in a blog post.  google, samsung and fitbit come together in a big announcement for the wearables segment, google and samsung have joined hands to redesign google�s operating system for watches, which will also be the os for samsung�s future watches. additionally, consumer fitness electronics giant fitbit, owned by google, is also developing its own range of smart watches.  other features include offline modes for youtube music, spotify and the ability to use maps directly on the watch without being connected to a smartphone.  while the fitbit and google mashup was expected, the coming together of google, samsung and fitbit into one os will leave most technology enthusiasts drooling and it will be interesting to see what tricks apple watch will bring to the table to counter this.  additionally, the two giants are also coming together to create chipsets for smartwatches and fitness sensors.  the os and the watches are expected to be launched sometime post september, starting with samsung watches.  moving closer to more human-like ai bots �lamda, our latest research breakthrough, adds pieces to one of the most tantalizing sections of that puzzle: conversation,� eli collins, vice president, product management at google, said in a blog post.  most conversations with ai chatbots today tend to follow narrow and pre-defined paths. google�s �language model for dialogue applications� aims to change that by giving the bot the ability to engage in free-flowing conversations through multiple topics.  �during its training, it picked up on several of the nuances that distinguish open-ended conversation from other forms of language,� the company said.  other critical factors that the ai will look into are whether responses are insightful, unexpected or witty, along with the factuality of information. google also said that lamda will stick to its seven ai principles, some of which are being accountable to people, avoid unfair bias, being socially beneficial and be built for safety.  solutions for wfh collaboration it has been more than 15 years since the launch of google docs. now the company has launched what it calls the �smart canvas� — a solution within google workspace. for example, if you @ a person, the canvas will show additional information such as the person�s location, job title and contact information.  the solution, which has already been rolled out, will require the user to just click on @ to point towards not only people, but meetings and files too. other cool features include checklists and table templates which will help take feedback from users as well as to vote on topics.  fintech has the potential to fundamentally transform the financial landscape by providing consumers with a greater variety of financial products by competing and complementing financial institutions. india along with china has the highest fintech adoption rate globally of 87%, significantly higher than the global average rate of 64%. fintech is disrupting and acting as a catalyst for financial and other business activities. for example, google pay with 41% market share in upi payments processes approximately $260 bn payments on an annualized basis through upi has embedded various on-line and off line merchants across food delivery, travel, groceries, shopping and digital gold categories. the app also has embedded pre-approved personal loans on the app through tie-ups with banks.  india is home to more than 2100 fintech startups. as per vccedge, fintech sector has recorded 661 private equity deals worth $8.3 bn from cy 2016-20. payments and e-wallets received the highest funding of $4.2 mn across 185 deals.  fintech firms are set to lead the way to amp up use of technology as digitization becomes the need of hour. the total it spend by fintech industry is expected to be $132 mn in 2021, a growth of 9% from that of last year which was $121 mn, as per edge insights.  india is one of the fastest growing fintech markets in the world and has been very responsive to the change and the underlying situations. with approximately 22.7%, the fintech market in india is expected to reach inr 6.2 trillion by 2025. the industry is leveraging the smart technologies such as ai/ml, blockchain, iot to increase the access of financial services to the low income or unbanked population and medium-sized enterprises (msmes). the sector is accelerating and enhancing financial inclusion. increasing the financial inclusion directly contributes to gdp growth and creates more income and employment. for example, msme digital lending could increase between 10 and 15 fold to reach inr 6-7 lakh crore in annual disbursements. currently, msmes contribute to approximately 24.63% to the gdp from service activities and 33.4% to the total manufacturing output.  to gauge the emerging game-changing opportunities, discuss the challenges and how to overcome them, vccircle is hosting the debut edition of fintech summit on may 28, 2021 on a virtual platform.  agenda 28 may 9:00 am onwards 9:00 am � 9:30 am registration 9:30 am � 9:40 am opening address by shalil gupta, cbo, mosaic digital 9:40 am � 10:00 am keynote: india’s fintech revolution: what’s next? fintechs are going to fundamentally change how the businesses operate across lending, payments, sme financing and other finance-related activities. as customer�s playbook is changing how fintechs are playing an important role in stabilizing these changes? how fintech companies have changed their business model and how does the future look like? by nalin bansal, chief of corporate business and key initiatives, npci 10:00 am � 10:35 am panel discussion 1: fintech gamechangers 2021 – policy, product, data the covid-19 situation has accelerated the adoption of fintech globally. fintechs with stable and futuristic business model with aim to bring in the digital solutions at the forefront are more likely to get attention in 2021. further, the government push for digital india movements and many sandboxes being created by rbi for the growth of digital banking solutions in india also acting as fintech enablers. how data, product and policy can further accelerate the growth of fintech? speakers: alok mittal, md & ceo, indifi technologies ravi shankar, co-founder & ceo, active.ai mrutyunjay mahapatra, ex-md & ceo, syndicate bank avinash godkhindi, md & ceo, zaggle moderator: beena parmar, special correspondent, vccircle 10:35 am � 11:10 am panel discussion 2: cognitive automation – where are we heading? cognitive technology has disrupted almost all industries and financial services are no exception. with a focus on internal human processes and human-centric activities, how to get the adoption of cognitive, deployment and implementation right? where the industry is headed over the next decade? speakers: manu monga, senior vice president – digital banking and transformation, axis bank yogi sadana, ceo, cashe k v dipu, president and head- operations & customer experience, bajaj allianz general insurance smriti tomar, founder & ceo, stack finance moderator: misha pratap, partner, bain & company 11:10 am � 11:30 am special address: digital lending- a huge opportunity awaits us by ashneer grover, co-founder & ceo, bharatpe 11:30 am � 12:05 pm panel discussion 3: building profitable businesses new times are creating opportunities for fintech companies. however, to grab these opportunities, innovation and a sustainable business model is required and for which right investments are required. how can the fintech firms create attractive business models to attract investments? what are the areas that make investors interested in fintechs? what are the hot sectors within fintech and how does the future opportunities look like for investors? speakers: gaurav kumar, founder and ceo, credavenue yogendra kashyap, md & ceo, rapipay bipin preet singh, founder & ceo, mobikwik henna jain tatia, co-founder, stucred moderator: joseph rai, special correspondent, vccircle 12:05 pm � 12:25 pm fireside chat: microsoft capital circle – “powering the fintech of the future” jaideep mehta, ceo, mosaic digital & head, mint in conversation with sebastian busche, global lead partner strategy- financial services & insurance, microsoft 12:25 pm � onwards end of conference a report by real estate consultancy anarock has found that branded real estate projects, of major listed and unlisted players, are taking up a significant share in the housing market. the report said customer preferences shifting, and rera seeking more compliances, played a major role in the shift awat from local, standalone players. the report said the share of listed and unlisted players in the real estate market across the top cities in india went from 17% in 2017 to to 40% in the first three quarters of the 2020-21 fiscal. anarock added the shift started with notification of rera. �after the roll-out of structural policies including rera and gst, organized and branded players� dominance has risen exponentially,� said anuj puri, chairman of anarock.  �while buying a home, customers expect and demand trust, transparency, as well as on-time delivery of their homes. rera helped raise awareness for customers,� said rohit gera, md of gera developers sridhar vembu (illustration: moneycontrol) even as the indian government and big tech continue to trade blows on the new it (information technology) rules that came into effect this week, sridhar vembu, the billionaire founder of zoho asserted that social media platforms must follow the laws of the land and stop dictating terms.  three years ago, vembu moved from silicon valley to a village in tenkasi district in tamil nadu� from where he runs the software product firm�with an aim to empower rural communities. zoho, valued at over a billion dollars, is completely bootstrapped. vembu, who was awarded a padma shri in january, is a strong advocate of the government�s atmanirbhar policy, averring that the country must develop its own tech know-how and reduce the dependence on foreign enterprises.  here are the edited excerpts: while the government is firm that they have to comply with the new social media rules, platforms, and users feel this will infringe on their privacy and freedom of expression. is there a middle ground here? will courts decide the way forward? whatsapp for instance has already gone to court against the government.  i want to separate the two issues between the social media platforms versus messaging apps like whatsapp. let’s address the social media platforms- these platforms are already doing the censorship. as an example, i want to point out the origin of the covid issue. us social media platforms, including twitter, censored all the discussions that this virus could have come from a lab, something that is being considered now. so for them to turn around and accuse the indian government of something is just hypocritical. if they want to operate in our country, they have to operate according to our laws. they don’t get to make laws here.  related stories mg motor joins hands with attero for recycling of ev batteries tata enters the online grocery market with majority stake buy in bigbasket india-singapore trade likely to be around $21 billion in 2020-21 but shouldn’t these rules be consistent? it is not about indian companies, foreign companies, these rules should apply to everyone, they should be backed by law. how do you make that consistent in a way that it doesn’t appear as if this is happening according to the whims and fancies of the government? that’s a fair point. but the broader issue is that platforms like facebook and twitter or even youtube, are getting themselves the power to determine what is acceptable speech. and they are doing this across the world on a variety of topics.  they will say algorithms, but it’s not really algorithms, it’s people who determine what gets seen or not seen. i come from a perspective where sovereignty matters, india has to determine what is appropriate for our standards, our values, all of that. and we don’t want a facebook or twitter dictating terms to us.  and our history as a country was dominated by a company, the east india company should give us pause on all these matters. india has a legally elected government. even if we disagree with it, there are elections courts all of these mechanisms there is no need for a facebook to determine what is acceptable discourse in india.  but isn’t twitter labelling posts, flagging some posts part of an important fight against fake news and manipulated content? they called the theory that covid could have come from a lab in china a conspiracy last year.  and today, all of the mainstream outlets in the us are covering this without even accepting that they got this wrong last year. so this is why it’s important that the platform does not have the power to determine what is truth. atleast the elected governments have some accountability, democratic accountability, the platforms have none. they then hide behind their algorithms. and this is not just an india issue, germany or france or australia, all of these countries have the same issue with these platforms. even the usa has these issues. if an executive of twitter will testify in front of us congress, should they not be actually asked to testify in front of the indian parliament? what is your reading of the way section 79 of the it act has been applied, because these platforms will now lose the immunity they have and will be liable for third-party content? are they a neutral carrier of information like a fiber optic provider? or are they like a publishing house? and the distinction has been blurred now because they used to be more like a fiber optic provider but now they’ve actively started to control the information. so then why should they have immunity? our country may have a different decision on what is acceptable to us, there cannot be a global standard on this, because what is acceptable speech varies by jurisdiction. so that is why i think these are these issues are very much political. and politics is not a dirty word, this must be debated, this must be a legal mechanism, parliament has to pass laws. that’s where we are heading on this.  and what about concerns that actions against global platforms will harm india’s image at the international level, in the way it sees democratic freedoms, and that this might also impact investment at a later date? indians should stop acting like school kids looking for approval from school teachers. there is not some global school teacher that is approving our actions. we don’t need them. and, you know, the state department is issuing reports on india, india should be issuing reports on the us too. would anybody argue that india is less free than china? and investment was flooding into china. investors go because there’s money to be made, not because they somehow know twitter faces some trouble with the indian government or something. so we should stop thinking about these issues.  but there is a lot of abuse, illegal content, fake news, and all kinds of things going around on social media. so who is going to bell the cat? who is going to flag this at appropriate times? that is why we have parliament’s legislators to enact these laws. that’s why we have governments that’s why we elect governments, this is the appropriate role of government to regulate speech. we cannot have private sector entities regulating these because that is actually dangerous.  if trump had said the sun rises in the east, these platforms would have regulated that speech. that is where it was heading already. whether or not you agree with their politics, they were making a political decision.  you cannot just pretend i’m a technology provider, because they’re not neutral. they have not been neutral.  you said at the beginning that we need to separate the traceability issue concerning whatsapp. what is you view on this because there is concern that this is not a proportionate demand and will end up compromising privacy.  this is actually an issue where you can have a legitimate arguments on both sides. you do want privacy, there is an expectation of privacy for common citizen to have. at the same time, a government could have a legitimate concern about issues like terrorism. for example, apple had a run in with the fbi. so we have to understand that when, for example, when a major terrorist attack happens, the public demands that why isn’t the government more accountable? why isn’t the government more practical? it happens. so that is where i think these questions are not easy because technology goes one way and the regulatory authorities and public safety authorities have a different need. these have to be debated and democratically elected parliament’s and legislatures that is what is to be arrived at. this is not a pure technology decision. this has to be a technology and politics, intersection decision law, that is where it has to be made.  you said these issues have to end up in parliament. some say it may also end up in courts. should there be an independent arbiter, that is free of political pressure/bias to regulate social media content? i believe there is some kind of an independent mechanism that is somewhat like the courts, appointed by the government eventually but independent of day to day political pressures, that could be operating as an oversight, because that’s where we are heading clearly. and this could differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, country to country, this is not going to be the same around the world. they have operated in a kind of a wild west regime, where we will do whatever we want, nobody can ask questions to where the sociatel impact is too high. so society, as expressed through politics, and governments will get involved. and that’s where we are heading.  and how important is it for a country like india to have its own homegrown social media platforms? and you know, how can we really develop internet and social media giants? the facebook of india’s facebook, the google of india’s google, and the whatsapp of india’s whatsapp.  this is not just these technologies is not just search engine, it’s not just video streaming platforms, not just social media, i have more broadly believed that any crucial technology, take the 100- 200 top technologies, everything from advanced steel to drones, india must have the knowhow domestically, this just comes to the territory of having a very large population. and from both sides from employment side, our young people need something to do, we need jobs. and from the other side demand side, we actually have the capacity to build all these things now. and if we don’t have the critical know how we will end up in a situation like the east india company all over again, we must not forget our history, this is very important. foreign controlled platforms that are very dominant, eventually develop a life of their own, and they develop an agenda but it is not as if these experiments haven’t happened. you have koo. your company zoho launched arattai. but, why is it that we haven’t been able to launch platforms that are able to scale, that have the same network effects as a twitter or a whatsapp? it is simply being late, the market is well developed, mature and hundreds of millions of users are on these platforms. so naturally, any new product, anything to take off is a tougher challenge. but you run this for five years, 10 years, the results are slowly going to be different. i don’t think in 2030, we will be having the same conversation. just like 10 years ago, we were asking, where are the indian startups or are any indian startups going to be world-class at all but today there are many indian startups that are actually doing well on the global stage. in a similar way, i believe that in 10 years, the reality will be different because a new generation of software is coming, new generation of people are coming into the industry and the ability to scale on that is different.  principals of cbse schools are convinced that many parents will be unhappy after results of std x are declared because of the internal evaluation policy announced by the board. since std x board exams have been cancelled this year, cbse students will get marks based on their internal assessments done throughout the year. but the bone of contention for parents could be the �averaging of marks� policy. a school principal said, �the marks being given by us have to fall within a specified range of the last three years� average. there is both a good and bad side to this. good news is that an academically underperforming batch of 2021 can get rated higher if the previous batches had performed well.� on the flip side, a better performing batch may find its grades restricted. another principal said, �it�s going to be tricky, especially for those schools who really have a super performing batch this year. they won�t be able to justify the steep rise in marks and will be forced to limit it to the range specified by cbse.� the senior academic added that parents won�t be convinced either way. �no parent likes to hear that their child is really not that good at studies. similarly, those with academically brilliant kids always feel that their child has been given a few marks less.� teacher of a well-known cbse school said most of them are dreading their results� day. �it�s something which many teachers are now talking about. internal evaluation policy is going to leave us with some very unhappy and even angry parents,� the teacher said. a teacher from chandrapur said their school was faced with a unique problem. �this is my second batch of std x as we are a new school. so, obviously i can�t go with the three-year average score,� said the teacher. however, cbse has declared a policy related to such schools wherein they can go with two-year average. �and therein lies a bigger problem,� said the teacher. �my last year�s batch was academically very weak; around 65% kind of track record. this time, we are looking at students who can easily score 80% plus. but they will be denied this grade because it will breach cbse�s policy on staying within a specific range,� said the teacher.  bengaluru-based gradcapital has announced the launch of its pan-india student-focused vc (venture capital) fund, designed to help college graduates grow their ideas into businesses. the company said it will invest $25,000 in each of the 20 startups they select over the next year, thereby investing a total of $500,000. in this venture, gradcapital is also being supported by the innovation continuum, based out of iim ahmedabad.  the company said it will host an eight-week, intensive programme for startups founded and run by college students. the programme will provide a layout conducive to the student -business owners to make sure they are all set to raise their subsequent funding round. �apart from building a strong and sustainable structure for their company, these young entrepreneurs will leave with countless tools, crucial knowledge, a network of peers, mentors and investors, and funding of $25,000,� the company said in a statement.  each of the eight weeks that the startups chosen by gradcapital will be part of will feature weekly keynotes, 1:1 mentorship, office hours with experts and, in the end, an investor-focused demo day, said the company. it also added that it aims to bring out the next generation of unicorns started by founders from colleges. over the next three years gradcapital plans to invest in 100 startups.  featured videos from tnm built and run by abhishek sethi and prateek behera � both graduates from iim-a and bits pilani, respectively, they have now opened the application process for its first set of startups. �we genuinely believe in academic spaces. think historically, major societal transformations have emerged from university campuses. the lgbtq+ movement, the microprocessor that runs our phones, or immunotherapy for cancer – all have their roots in college campuses. students have been at the origin of these ideas. and our vision is to cultivate these academic spaces. entrepreneurship is a way to bring such strong ideas to life and create value for society. we are betting on such ideas,� said abhishek sethi, co-founder at gradcapital. he further added that with this venture they hope to help students build the companies of the future.  while conceptualising the idea of gradcapital, abhishek and prateek ran a pilot to test their hypothesis. they ended up with a cohort of eight companies, including kiranakart, humit, codedamn, valerio electric, and neuralastic.  in order to identify startups, gradcapital has hired associates across the country and decentralised its operations. they have also partnered with student communities across campuses to scout for the best talent out there.  here are the best chatbot companies in india. businesses who want to build a strong brand image and give the best possible customer service might benefit greatly from �chatbot�. chatbots have been more popular than ever in recent years, thanks to technological advancements and machine learning. chatbots will keep evolving, improving, and ultimately play a vital role in customer service for all types of businesses as time goes forward.  today, analytics insight presents you with the top 10 chatbot companies in india that you can watch out for this year.  pixelcrayons pixelcrayons, which was founded in 2004, provides a high-quality chatbot development service to help you improve your business interactions. expert chatbot developers at the organization have experience designing chatbots and voice bots using a variety of frameworks, including amazon lex, microsoft bot, ibm watson, and others.  botsnext botsnext is swiftly establishing itself as a global leader in chatbot development, by achieving experience in developing more than 100 professional chatbots & virtual assistant projects for ecommerce, education, hospitality, travel, f&b, and other industries. botsnext is facilitating digital transformation in the workplace by displacing outdated methods and delivering a better customer experience.  hidden brains hiddenbrains has a wealth of experience in the industry, having been in business for over 17 years. the company provides chatbots that use diverse technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence.  hiddenbrains employs a team of chatbot developers to create chatbots with the goal of improving the way businesses connect with customers, providing interactive experiences, and automated customer service with chatbots.  maruti techlabs maruti techlabs is a team of software experts with experience in big data, business intelligence, analytics, bot creation, mobile platforms, cloud systems, and application development. it has a history of exceeding customer expectations via hard work and commitment. through considerable experience in software development, the company understands the client�s business goals and strives to bring ongoing innovation.  teplar teplar provides unique chatbot development services for creating bots that are totally personalized and adapted to your company�s needs. they use the most up-to-date methods and technologies to create chatbots that actually engage customers and provide satisfaction.  squareboat squareboat is a prominent chatbot development company that provides professional services on time and at a reasonable cost. it creates chatbots of various levels of complexity that may communicate with your consumers on any platform. google assistant actions development, alexa skills development, voice-based chatbots, customer support chatbots, nlp/ai chatbots, and virtual assistant chatbots are among the company�s chatbot services.  morph.ai morph.ai is a platform built on top of whatsapp business api. its ai-enabled chatbot, crm tool, hybrid machine-human query handling interface, and other capabilities enable companies to conduct meaningful discussions with consumers. to get the most out of morph.ai and get started with the whatsapp business api, you�ll need to sign up for a free trial account.  botmywork millions of customers rely on botmywork to help them achieve their business goals. it has developed a number of chatbot integrations for team collaboration and messaging platforms such as slack, hangouts chat, and others. additionally, the company�s chatbot builder for facebook successfully automates customer care and promotes conversational marketing to improve sales. the team�s goal is to create bots that eliminate manual contact and enable automation in order to boost productivity across all business lines.  floatbot floatbot is a saas-based conversational ai platform that uses ai-powered chatbots and voicebots to enable fintechs and enterprises to automate customer care, improve customer experience, and digital onboarding. its diy �no code� platform allows users to create hybrid bots with the help of an advanced workflow builder and conversational ai technologies.  bots developed in floatbot can be used in a variety of places, including the web portal, mobile apps (ios and android), facebook messenger, slack, skype, telegram, amazon alexa, google assistant, google home, and whatsapp.  cedex technologies llp cedex technologies is a software development company that specializes in producing high-quality software solutions. chatbot development, voicebot development, web application development, mobile application development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, web design, and cloud services are some of the services it offers.  under the name botartisans, the company offers dedicated chatbot development and voice bot services, as well as dedicated food ordering services under the name food day.  is telegram becoming the new alternative to the dark web? by mayank sharma about 9 hours ago cybercriminals are sharing illegally obtained private data without fear of reprisal hacker (image credit: shutterstock) an investigation by cybersecurity researchers into telegram has revealed that private data of millions of people is being openly shared in the app’s groups and channels with thousands of members.  research from vpn provider vpnmentor further cements telegram�s position as a safe haven for cybercriminals, finding cybercriminals are using the popular encrypted communications platform to share and discuss massive data leaks exposing millions of people to unprecedented levels of online fraud, hacking, and attack.  techradar needs you! we’re looking at how our readers use vpn for a forthcoming in-depth report. we’d love to hear your thoughts in the survey below. it won’t take more than 60 seconds of your time.  click here to start the survey in a new window<< shield yourself with these best identity theft protection services check our list of the best firewall apps and services here’s our choice of the best malware removal software on the market recently a similar investigation by nortonlifelock found evidence of a thriving illegal marketplace on telegram where unscrupulous users hawk everything from covid-19 vaccines and personal information, to pirated software and fake ids.  growing criminal enterprise the vpnmentor researchers have detailed their findings in a report where they examine the growing trend of cybercriminals sharing leaked data on telegram.  recommended videos for you…  video playingxiaomi mi 11 | everything you need to know galaxy… 26/01/21galaxy s21 | everything you need to know galaxy… 26/01/21galaxy s21 ultra | everything you need to know iphone… 24/12/20iphone 12 pro | everything you need to know in 1 minute airpods… 24/12/20airpods max | everything you need to know in 1 minute ps5… 14/12/20ps5 | everything you need to know in 1 minute their team joined several cybercrime-focused telegram groups and channels to experience the illicit exchanges between bad actors for themselves.  to their surprise they discovered hackers openly posting data dumps on channels, some with over 10,000 members. more worryingly, the unscrupulous users don�t even shy away from discussions on how to exploit the data dumps in various criminal enterprises.  vpnmentor argues that while traditionally these data dumps would have been exchanged over the dark web, telegram offers several advantages, including its focus on protecting the privacy of its members.  furthermore, telegram offers a lower barrier of entry compared to the dark web and is immune to distributed denial of service (ddos) attacks and web takedowns that threaten the operations of cybercriminal outfits on the normal web.  while the report acknowledges the �limited steps� that telegram has undertaken to remove the hacking-related groups, it hasn�t created much difference.  gmail is the most popular service for emails with more than a billion users. but gmail can get cluttered pretty quickly, given all the promotional emails that might be finding their way into your inbox. with google�s deadline for photos looming (june 1), it is important to clear up gmail and delete all those thousands of unread emails. that�s because gmail storage is counted toward the free 15gb of storage one gets with every google account.  this 15gb free storage is allotted across gmail, google photos, google drive, and other google services. so, if you clean up your gmail storage, then you will automatically get more space for google photos. keep reading to know more about how to free up some gmail storage space.  method 1: delete emails open gmail and type �has:attachment larger:10m� in the search bar. this will bring up all emails with attachments of over 10mb in size. if you want to delete larger files, then you can replace �10� with a higher number. after gmail displays the search results, select all the emails you do not need and tap on the delete button.  after this, head over to the trash section and tap on the empty trash button. this is one of the easiest and best ways to quickly clean up the storage space.  method 2: how to avoid �gmail storage full� issue in the future you first need to unsubscribe all the unnecessary emails, and then delete all the old ones. if you signed up on a website that sends a lot of emails, such as promotions or newsletters, you can use the unsubscribe link to stop getting these emails. notably, it could take a few days for the mailing list to stop sending you messages after you have unsubscribed, as per google.  #open gmail on your pc or laptop.  #open any email from the sender that you want to unsubscribe.  #tap on the unsubscribe button, which is located near the sender�s name.  #a pop-up window will appear. click on �unsubscribe� again to confirm that you want to stop receiving the emails. you are all set now. in some cases, you will be redirected to the sender�s site, where you can disable the email option. for example, when you unsubscribe to emails from twitter, you are redirected to the official page, where you can immediately turn off the email option.  the peripheral ring road (prr) project, which is aimed at ensuring seamless connectivity, is set to take a new approach for funding, as the bangalore development authority (bda) has decided to go in for global tendering. the move to award it to an israeli infrastructure and funding agency after going in for a swiss challenge method of tendering has now been shelved. chief minister b s yediyurappa too had spoken about the interest shown by the israeli firm in the project in february.  a highly-placed bda source said that they had to change their original plan after a cyprus-based firm, iotc group, approached the government and conveyed its interest in funding the rs 21, 250 crore project. �the bda approved the move to go in for a global tender during its recent meeting and is now awaiting government approval. tenders will be called for soon,� a top source said. the 73-km project with eight lanes and four service lanes was to be awarded to israel�s symba maz after a swiss challenge method of tendering was called.  a deadline of three years (august 2024) also was to be fixed for the same. specifying details, another source said, �since only one firm was initially ready, we thought of going in for the swiss method, wherein, if any other bidder can come up with a lower quote, they would get the project. however, now that we have more than one person vying for the project, tender rules mandate that we need to go in for a global tender.� symba maz had conveyed its expression of interest through the bengaluru-based joint venture, apic freeway pvt ltd, along with construction firms afcons and stups ltd. �the firm was sure that no one would be able to come up with a lower bid and had asked the bda to go in for the swiss challenge method,� the source explained.  the bengaluru central crime branch (ccb) police on may 27 arrested two more persons in a case related to the cash for bed scam in hospitals. joint commissioner of police, crime, sandeep patil identified the two accused as yashwanth kumar m, (21) and varun s, (20). the latter was working at the bbmp south zone war room. beds were allotted through the centralised system of the bruhat bengaluru mahanagara palike (bbmp), police said.  “one of the accused, varun, was working in the bbmp south zone war room, and was learnt to have shared patient numbers with his friend yashwanth. yashwanth then used to contact the patients referred to demand money for bed booking,” patil said. the ccb sleuths earlier on monday had also arrested 34-year-old babu, who is said to be a close aide of bjp bommanahalli mla satish reddy in the same case. with these two arrests, the police have arrested 11 persons till date.  the cash for bed scam came to light when bengaluru south bjp mp tejasvi surya, along with uncle and basavanagudi mla ravi subramnya, bommanahalli mla satish reddy and chickpet mla uday garaudchar, had stormed into the bbmp south zone war room on may 2, to expose the “cash for bed scam”. however, with the arrest of babu on tuesday, who is said to be a close aide of reddy, the said scam has caused severe embarrassment to the ruling bjp. 

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Amid reports that people in India seeking a tourist or business visa for the US may have to wait for three years to get one, the Ministry of External Affairs on Thursday said it has not raised the matter with the country, but expects the visa system of a country to be predictable and less time taking. For first-time applicants for the US’ business (B-1) and tourist (B-2) visas, the wait now goes up to almost three years. The waiting period is fast approaching three years for first time for visitor visa applicants or others who do not qualify for a drop box application (interview waiver) in India. Ads by ADVERTISEMENT Ads by According to the US State Department, the current waiting period for B1/B2 applicants requiring an interview stands at 999 days in Mumbai; 994 days in Hyderabad; 961 days in Delhi; 948 in Chennai and 904 in Kolkata. The US State Department on Tuesday said the “the global median wait time for a tourist visa (B1/B2) interview appointment is under two months as of this month.” Asked if the matter had been taken up with the US, MEA Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said, “We want that when people want to go somewhere, the visa system should be simple. This is our expectation.” He said it had not been taken up formally because “we would not want someone commenting on our system.” “But we would want the system to be predictable, simple and does not take much time. We have seen the (US) embassy here has said that they are taking steps to ensure that not much time is not taken. We hope the waiting time is reduced,” Bagchi said.

From the Madras Christian College (MCC) alone, at least 153 undergraduate (UG) students have landed jobs. “An IT firm recruited over 100 students at one go. This is the first time a company has recruited so many students from a batch. The highest pay package offered was Rs 10 lakh per annum,” said MCC principal Paul Wilson. The situation is similar at the MOP Vaishnav College for Women. Companies such as BNY Mellon, Caterpillar, and McKinsey have offered packages of up to Rs 12 lakh per annum. “This is the first time our students have been offered such huge packages. Besides professional courses like MBA, students from general streams like BA Economics and Masters in Commerce bagged annual packages of Rs 10 lakh,” said college principal Lalita Balakrishnan. So far, over 75 students from the college have received job offers. College officials also pointed out that many IT and finance companies have expressed a desire to recruit students from MOP. Meanwhile at the Women’s Christian College (WCC), at least 78 students have been placed, with packages in the Rs 4.30-8.5 lakh range. “So far, eight companies have come for placements. It is very good to see that the global slowdown in the IT sector has not impacted the placements so far,” said principal Lilian Jasper. From Gurunanak College, 105 students have received offer letters so far. “Most of them are from the computer science and IT branches. The placement season has just begun. More companies are expected to arrive and recruit students from other departments too,” said principal MG Ragunathan.

Parties in Tamil Nadu are silent over the Narendra Modi government’s celebration of age-old links between Tamil Nadu and Varanasi via the month-long ‘Kashi Tamil Sangamam’, barring a few voices of protest. This may be because of the realisation that the Centre – otherwise, an easy-to-revile entity in the state – has tapped into something with resonance for the state’s Hindus. “Going to Kashi” is a spiritual – if not physical — goal for many Tamil Hindus. In old times, the distance to the Uttar Pradesh city added to its aura, with the journey seen as not only about getting there – as per folklore, the bandits of Chambal were just one of the many hurdles — but also entry into the last, selfless phase of one’s life, or vanvas. It’s no coincidence that the two holiest places to take a dip to “wash off sins” were considered to be Kashi and Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu. Inaugurating the Kashi Tamil Sangamam, which was attended by some 2,000 students from Tamil Nadu whose trip to Varanasi was arranged by the Central government, Prime Minister Modi made a reference to this, calling Kashi and Tamil Nadu as timeless centres of culture and civilisation, and Sanskrit and Tamil among the world’s most ancient languages – days after fresh claims by the state government of the Centre trying to “impose” Hindi nationally. SUBSCRIBER ONLY STORIESView All Babil Khan: ‘Baba would have been happy watching Qala… and would’ve…Premium Babil Khan: ‘Baba would have been happy watching Qala… and would’ve… Investment lessons in crash of high-profile IPOs as Sensex surgesPremium Investment lessons in crash of high-profile IPOs as Sensex surges Bihar to bring Ganga to parched towns — by tapping its flood waterPremium Bihar to bring Ganga to parched towns — by tapping its flood water Delhi Confidential: Gehlot raises the heat in RajasthanPremium Delhi Confidential: Gehlot raises the heat in Rajasthan Subscribe now at less than Rs 4/day “In Kashi, we have Baba Vishwanath, while in Tamil Nadu we have the blessings of Lord Rameshwaram. Both Kashi and Tamil Nadu are immersed in Shiva,” Modi said in his speech. Even Periyar, a Tamil social reformer and rationalist, and Bharathiyar, a revered Tamil nationalist poet, took the Kashi plunge at some point in their lives. Periyar was just a young boy when he fled home to Kashi. In the latter part of his life, Bharathiyar too found Kashi. ADVERTISEMENT Rahul Eswar, a prominent right-wing social media voice, wrote in 2020 about Periyar’s Kashi trip. “What did Periyar experience in the 1904 Kashi Trip? Discrimination from our Brahmin Community. That made him the anti-Hindu he was. If we introspect and reform, we can prevent the (birth of) future anti-Hindus…” he wrote. K Chandru, a former Madras High Court who has studied the works of both Periyar and Bharathiyar, says: “If you truthfully look at it, the event is Kashi Hindu Sangamam, not Tamil Sangamam. There is nothing particularly noteworthy about the use of Tamil in Kashi.” However, he acknowledges the appeal Kashi holds for the state. “Periyar recalled in one of his writings how difficult it was for him to survive in Kashi without any warm clothing. He was unable to tolerate the cold weather, so he stepped onto a verandah, where a sadhu immediately wrapped a saffron shawl around him. Soon after, Periyar wrote, people started touching his feet and worshipping him as a god. Periyar used these anecdotes to talk about certain superficial aspects of Hindu belief,” Chandru says. ADVERTISEMENT There is also evidence of trade links between the southern state and Kashi going back to 6th Century AD, with a small but significant population of Tamils settled in Varanasi, PM Modi’s parliamentary constituency that has been a particular focus in his government’s Hindutva agenda. Most of the Tamils settled in Varanasi belong to the influential Nattukottai Chettiar trading community, who own a number of inns, hotels and other businesses in Kashi. Some of them also hold the rights to perform pujas at temples and are entitled to receive certain temple honours, hence enjoying clout far beyond their numerical strength. Local BJP leaders estimate that about 250 families of Tamil origin are settled in Varanasi. While the DMK and most Opposition parties in Tamil Nadu have chosen to avoid comments on the Kashi Tamil Sangamam, recently the Tamil Nadu committee of the CPI(M), an ally of the DMK-led ruling coalition, issued a statement demanding that the state government and the Education Department take necessary steps to “prevent such events inspired by RSS ideology”. A senior BJP leader of the state admits they were in the dark about the event that was conceptualised by Delhi. However, he says, there is no doubt it is a winner in the state, with its strong regional nationalism, where the BJP’s first roadblock has been fighting a non-Tamil image. BANGALORE NEWS 1Bengaluru News Live Updates: Private schools in Karnataka seek to draft their own textbooks 2Karnataka-Maharashtra border row: CM Basavaraj Bommai schedules all-party meet next week 3Kolar govt teacher suspected of producing fake disability certificate to land job 25 yrs ago, probe ordered More from Bangalore Plus, as the leader says, “While Kashi is known to Tamil Hindu devotees, and no one needs to teach them about it, there is a good number of Tamil people in Varanasi, and that matters a lot to us.”

Main points noted during transition meeting of 22 Nov 2022 (6 of MC23 and 7 of MC22)

  1. ecovaahan – cons are garbage smell/clean and dedicated uniservice person needed, vs utility ( how much the usage will be) : so MC23 will take call if needed
  2. digitisation (viewmyrecords) : first set of 60 records given to vendor. latha will give excel. vendor contact will also be provided. Latha will also send reminder to community to enable villas ( which have not yet taken action) to do the needful
    3.STP licencing – vijay has done the other cheaper option (12K + ?). atleast we can show Work-in-progress if authorities knock and come. Vendor details to be shared
  3. Share certificate : Ravindran to be contacted for anything related to this
  4. Uniservice coordination – Gangadhar+ Vengupal alongwith Nirmala of MC23
  5. One email id login access by all 7 in MC23 : We can created one in apnacomplex. anyway Mc22 will hand us over the ids which they use. Also – in apnacomplex — if an individual writes to the MC id and MC autoreplies, reply only goes back to MC. So we need to make sure to add the individual’s email id physically.
    Also – Or we can create a gmail id with common access to all ? Can this gmail id be linked to Apnacomplex with mails being recorded in the messaging section, so that it can be impersonal and identified only as “MC23” rather than an single MC member being singled out ?
  6. Root project (49 trees): About 35-40% work done already. 2 lanes more to go ? Anita mam will take over from Mangalam
  7. Frond project : cutting the 20 trees not an option now ( as per AGM). So we hire the boom ladder for a day, someetime soon. Use the same to clean up those trees, and see what needs to be done next. If needed, put it up to community based on experience if we need to buy the costly equipment (35L+) ?
  8. Medicine spraying : Betty has alerted / pushed. But more regular monitoring, checking composition / strength of solution etc, process with Gangadhar etc
  9. speed bumps : nothing as of now. However, as process, keep sensitising kids / vendors on speed limits. Eg – security personnel showing “placards” to violators, and similar ones
  10. Power fluctation bescom : Full vignan nagar problem, so nothing as of now. Also to note that Pramod / Santhosh (?) / Nandu, few others are useful contacts wrt outside world ( ie bescom, bwssb, councilor, police etc)
  11. kitchen-waste composting project : pilot is still underway, and mangalam will continue to be involved
  12. Signpost inscription , 1-2 broken stones, extra letters in maintenance office etc : Vijay Narayan will complete and close
    14.Handover with cash and bank balance and sign-off – Mangalam will hand over to new treasurer on Dec 1. Also need guidance on how to raise invoices / using apnacomplex during first few days
  13. Cats issue : nothing as of now
  14. CCTV : Rupal already in subcommittee: RFQ process on – MC23 will take over, AGM anway has approved budget
  15. Barbed wire fencing : Three phases already done as of now. Forth phase we need to take over ( Nandu house to 126). First identify houses which need wall strengthening (masonry work). Do both cementing and barbing post their approval.
  16. small capex : cycle/ladders/chairs/fans etc ( 8 L budget mentioned in AGM slides) : this is already done. Mangalam has also given more capex proposals in her budget sheet ( given to sathish), which we can take up based on priority, during the year
  17. Other capex : Security cabin enhancement is priority, to be done
  18. AVVOA handbook 3.0 : will be completed by Vijay Anand and given to us. We requested if “list of committees” can be added in the same
  19. Cauvery water inflow increase push with BWSSB : MC23 will takeover and handle this
  20. Karnataka Societies re-registration / conversion : Adarsh liason group to coordinate ?
  21. ROS annual returns – Ravindran again ?
  22. Dialogue with Adarsh on 4 cr corpus / common area handover etc : MC23 can take help of KP / few others who are in regular touch with Adarsh. Mangalam suggestion – dispute is between 10 and 12 %. Adarsh already agreed for 10. So, atleast try for 10% ( around 3.5 cr) for now, we can see about rest later
  23. Building violation, revised BUA, renovations at Vista :
  • Revised BUA is already there in apnacomplex
  • We can hire more architects than David Ashok
  • Renovation specifications / handbook : MC23 will take help from MC22, building subcommittee and release it
  • We need to close loop with each of the renovating (or recently renovated) villas – around 25 – to add the new BUA, so that we can charge extra maintenance
  • Way to ascertain if renovation is done and over ( eg of Morey who keeps insisting that work is still going on) – once workers stop coming, it means it is done !
  1. Handling specific cases of violation :
    Morey : he will anyway come back to MC23 seeking our approval on renting his unit. As MC, our call is : our holistic treatment of villas (maintenance, apnacomplex,mygate etc etc) is based on sale deeds. So, while we cannot legally (possibly) prevent subletting of part of villa, we can create bottlenecks based on the above.
    Shailaja : background given by Vijay Anand. MC23 will continue task of trying to obtain pending maintenance amount from her
  2. AV1 and AV2 whatsapp groups : MC23 will be made new admins by end of month at transition time.
  3. Same with other groups (AV FM group managed by Vijay Narayan) ? Vijay will take 1-2 members from MC23 on a Vista walk-around during Dec 1st week to point out a few things around campus.
  4. Jio fiber laying : as of now, 2.5 L commitment by Jio as “entry fees”. MC23 will pursue and close (since anyway AGM approval is there to allow Jio). Lets also see if we can combine this with the CCTV project ( if possible). Prof Mishra / Vijay will continue to help out
  5. Raja Kaluve (RK) : Latha mentioned that some report will be out by Nov 30 ? External agencies are in Vista doing topology studies as of now. Unigauge / 2-3 other units outside Vista and court case on RK route ? MC22 has stalled RK more or less during year. MC23 will try to continue doing same, to extent possible.
    Pramod / KP / SK / Sridhar : go-to folks for RK issues ?
  6. MC22 will send out mail to community regarding KEB increase, before its term ends. MC22 will also send out formal communication to community on Nov 30 regarding transition. MC22 will be available for all help/support during coming December month, as we take over ( needless to say!)